Interview With GOD

I Dreamed I had an Interview with GOD
" So you would like to talk with me ?" GOD asked .

" If You have time " I Said .
GOD Smiled .
" My Time is Eternity ....
.....What Questions do u have in mind for me "
" What Surprises you most about humankind ?"
GOD Answered ....
" That they get bored with childhood.
they rush to Grow up ,
and then long to be ,
children again ."
" That they lose their health to make money .....
....And then they lose money to restore their health ."
" That they thinking anxlously about the future .
they forget the present ,Such that they live in neither the present
No the Future ."
" That they live as if they will never Die ,
And they die though they have never lived ."
GOD`s Hands Took mine
And we were silent for a while , Then I asked ..
"As a parent
what are some of the life`s lessons you want your children to learn ?"
"To Learn ....
They can not make anyone Love them , All they can do is
let theme selfes to be loved."
" to learn that
is not good to compare themselves to others."
"to learn that
is only a few seconds to open profound wounds in the heart of those
they love us , the wounds that take many years to heal them "
" to learn that
a rich person isn`t the one who has the most .
But is one who needs Least ."
" to learn that
there are people who love them dearly ,but Simply
do not yet know how to express or show their feeling."
" to learn that
two people can look at the same thing & see it diffrently ."
"to learn that
its not Enough that they forgive one another , but
they must also forgive themselves."
"Thanks You for your time." I said humbly .
"is there any thing else you`d like your children to know ?"
GOD Smiled & Said .....
"just know that I`m Here "

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سلام . اگه ايميل به دستتون رسيده لطفاً يه خبري به من بده . ممنون


سلام من زبان انگيليسيم زير۱۰۰ است نتونستم بخونم.......


Let this be our prayer when we lose)) Our way., give us faith so We'll be safe.------((ghsahng bud shayad agar hamrah ba tarjome bud behtar mishod.movaffagh bashid.